Rewarded showcases for the first time 5x PWA Freestyle Champion Gollito Estredo's past, blended with his freestyle moves from the future produced using the latest camera and editing techniques. If you enjoyed the movie, donations would be greatly appreciated to cover the costs of producing this and future movies.

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Magic Moments presents Andre Paskowski’s fresh outlook on life. It presents moments that bring him joy, and an explanation for his passion for filming and producing movies. There are many magic moments that Andre sees through his lens. Seeing that magic while producing a movie like Rewarded.


Fruitloop Productions


Fruitloop productions was founded by Andre Paskowski in 2012 with a focus on re-creating the most stunning and beautiful images seen through the eyes of extreme sports athletes. Andre was an extreme sports athlete himself in the world of windsurfing, and so combining his experiences in that field with 7 years of filming and producing sports action will lead to sensational and striking final productions.


Jose "Gollito" Estredo


Gollito Estredo was born on March 26th 1989, in El Yaque, Margarita Island, Venezuela into a poor family of fishermen. At the age of 7 Gollito discovered windsurfing, and soon thereafter his talent in the sport was to be revealed. Starting with local competitions on Margarita Island, Gollito became known as a young prodigy with potential to become one of the world’s best. North Sails and Fanatic signed the rising star in 2003 allowing him to travel to his first competitions. Three years later, Gollito won his first ever Freestyle World Title. Since then, Gollito fought hard to win 4 more World Titles, and after a small injury over the 2011/2012 winter, Gollito came back strong to win every event on the 2012 PWA World Tour, securing his 5th Freestyle World Champion Title.


The Spots


The movie combines 3 spots important to the world of freestyle windsurfing and Gollito Estredo himself. Venezuela is Gollito's home, he was born there, learnt to windsurf there, and still spends his time there training and living with his friends and family. Fuerteventura is the birthplace of freestyle competition and features Gollito's favourite windsurfing playground; daily strong winds and a combination of both flat water and jumping ramps. Meanwhile Tarifa is a top tourist windsurfing destination and one of the windiest places in the world. Gollito has been there numerous times, in the movie a variety of his favourite windsurfing and scenic spots in and around Tarifa are featured.